Are Modified Impact Resistant Shingles Worth the Price

Why do we need impact resistant shingles after all? Are they really worth the price? Such questions keep perturbing us off and on, especially when we think of the costs, and longevity. Everything appears to be fine until a fusillade of hails relentlessly bangs down upon our roofs, and causes devastating damages.

Such catastrophic instances are common in Colorado every year where numerous houses suffer from extensive damages during the incessant hail storms. This is because they impact the roofs, and leave them irreparably battered. The deplorable aftermath is followed by unaccountable repair costs across mountainous Colorado, also known as “hail alley”.

Why do we need hail resistant roofs:

Properly designed roofs, however, prove to be intractable against hails. You need to plan, and choose the right shingles to withstand such calamitous storms, which have unremitting occurrences across the “hail alley”. Some people prefer to opt for re-roofing over the existing one. This isn’t, however, a wise idea to solve the issue, since it increases the chances of damages during the assaulting storms. There have been frightening instances when the hails pounded the roofs for hours, thereby loosening the shingles.  Rain water cascaded through the gaps, making the ceilings wet. While the chances of fixtures getting damaged are acute in such cases, there are unsavory instances of short-circuits and power-cuts. Certain extreme cases also result in loss of life and property.

Are impact resistant roofs worth the expense:

Roof pitches provide hail resistance to some extent. Also, an underlay strengthens the shingles so as to resist the storms. Some people also resort to roof-decking by using plywood sheathing, in order to make their homes safe. This measure, however, prove to be palliative in case of old properties.

Let’s face it then! While the new houses could last with the required amount of repair work, people owning old properties need to install new roofs. Under such circumstance many people ponder whether impact resistant shingles have the ability to withstand the onslaughts of hails.

Well, they can’t! This is because impact resistant shingles have rubber backings, and hence, could bounce off anytime. The best way out is to use asphalt roofing shingles, since they have fiber glass backings. In fact, these truly serve as hail resistant roofs.

Benefits of using hail resistant roofs:

  • Made of impact-rated material: Asphalt roofing shingles enjoy with Class 4 rating, which prove their longevity for years, unlike the ones with Class 1 rating, which do not have this attribute. 
  • Wind and fire resistant: These roofs are manufactured to offer superior protection against the windy ravages. While the gusty winds blow across the Rocky Mountains, asphalt roofs proudly salvage the houses with their inmates from any possible destruction. Besides, fiber coating serves as a strong resistant against outbreaks of fire. 
  • Offer sound protection: These roofs are made of umpteen quality materials, and prevent dampness across the ceiling. Hence, the tiles never become loose, or let the water seep through. 
  • Easy to install and cost effective: It’s pretty easy to install these roofs with a little professional help. Besides, the installation charges are reasonable, and these roofs last long. Besides, the manufacturers produce these hail resistant shingles in large scale, and hence, sell them at low prices. 
  • Protection against noise: Asphalt resistant shingles offer sound-proof ambience inside the house, and ultimately, you would be in position to savor a hot mug of cocoa, irrespective of the battering hail storms outside.




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Chandra Rani Choudhury is an avid writer / editor with more than 5 years of invaluable experience in writing articles, blogs, reviews, press releases and digital marketing. For more details, contact

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Chandra Rani Choudhury

Chandra Rani Choudhury is an avid writer / editor with more than 5 years of invaluable experience in writing articles, blogs, reviews, press releases and digital marketing. For more details, contact

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