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Does Covid 19 Augur Nature’s Return

As the ‘corona queen’ flapped her wings, and soared across the horizon from Wuhan, the world seemed to be completely oblivious of its evil intent! Surprisingly. Even WHO failed to anticipate the fact that such a perilous mishap did portend interminable deaths, insurmountable gloom and irreparable economic down slide across the world. Corona virus, also widely known as Covid 19 raged, and rampaged throughout the earth within a span of a few months, subsequently swallowing the panic- striken multitudes! 

The malevolent virus, undoubtedly pushed people into recluse, since it started claiming human lives in alarming proportions. The governments all over the world resorted to draconian lockdowns so as to save human lives. Stringent curfews forced people to stay indoors in a bid to arrest the spread of infection.

Nature woke up

The public places wore a kind of deserted look everywhere. With no foot falls anywhere, however, nature seemed to rejuvenate itself! The cerulean sky seemed to have woken up with a beaming smile, since the snarling traffic had completely gone off the roads, and the factories had stopped smoking. With passing days and weeks, the rivers, lakes and ponds became crystal clear. The factories and industries had shut down, and hence, toxic effluents were not released into the water bodies. Fish and other aquatic creatures could breathe fresh air again. The suffocating algae bloom had almost disappeared!

Elephants and deer were spotted sauntering across the roads in the hill cities like Nainital and Dehradun, while people were trapped indoors. Sea turtles started revisiting the lengthy and forlorn beaches of California, and dolphins became daring enough to frolic along the unmanned European beaches. Spotted deer were seen flanking the road dividers in Ooty, which had once been a tourist hotspot. One sunny morning a leopard was seen crouching beside a road divider along the deserted Ring Road in Hyderabad, which connects the mega city with the airport. This was something unprecedented, since there are no forest areas in the vicinity! Nobody could figure out where the big cat had come from!

Well, all such instances seemed to have augured a kind of wishful facelift of the earth which had long been ravaged by reckless human activities. People started saying that nature has started reclaiming its space. To them, the pandemic looked like a blessing in disguise!

Did Covid 19 really pave the way for nature’s comeback:

Increased Poaching: The lockdown period has witnessed indiscriminate killing of wild animals and birds across Africa, and Asia. Poachers have taken undue advantage of reduced patrolling inside the wild life reserves. Everywhere the forest departments had to operate with limited staff, and hence, poaching thrived!

Human and Wild Life Conflict: There have been instances of wild animals straying into the villages and cities as well. Leopards have entered the cities like Nainital, Nagpur Mumbai and Chandigarh in search of domestic animals. A CCTV footage in Nainital showed a leopard carrying away a dog from the premises of a single storey house. Also, there have been cases of leopards attacking lone pedestrians in the bright day light! Such mishaps would surely incite man and nature conflict. People would surely resort to trapping or killing of those trespassers who seem to be threats to their lives.

Unemployment: Retrenchment andjo losses in the cities forced the Indian migrant laborers from the big cities to retreat to their villages. With no money in hand and uncertainty looming large these people have been indulging in illicit exploitation of the natural resources. There is nobody to check these unemployed poor who resort to illegal felling of the forest trees and killing of endangered animals for food.

Increased Pollution: Almost all the countries have kick-started their economies. There have been increased industrial activities, since the producers intend to make up for their losses. This has resulted in excessive air and water pollution. The sky looks grey with smoke, and the water bodies have become clogged with industrial effluents.

Medical Wastes: With the rise in corona cases everywhere there has been a massive demand and supply of the testing and PPE kits. The disposable kits have been piling up everywhere. There is paucity of disposal arrangement for these non- biodegradable wastes. Piling of these used kits has been posing as a daunting challenge everywhere. Moreover, the incineration process of these items releases toxic gases into the air.

Give a Banana Shake Treat to Your Hair

Is your hair brittle, dry and deprived of moisture? If that is the case, then we have a real surprise in store for you! So, stop hunting for expensive chemical hair masks in the stores! All you need to do is to have a look inside your kitchen. As the wise have stated, our kitchens are stocked with natural beauty products.

Why should we use bananas for making natural hair packs:

Bananas are packed with all kinds of nutrients, consequently adding to our good health, glow and fitness. No wonder, our mothers and grandmothers have always advised us about using bananas as hair packs and face masks. Bananas are packed with potassium, calcium, natural oils, vitamins A, B, C and E.  Also, they are rich in tryptophan, which is a rich amino acid. Hence, bananas serve as excellent home- made remedies for damaged hair, and one need not depend on chemical-based packs.

Benefits of banana hair masks:

  • Boosts hair growth: Banana packs augment healthy hair growth, You could mix yogurt with a mashed banana and apply over your hair, while gently massaging your scalp with the smooth pack. In this way, the hair roots absorb the essential nutrients. Let the mask remain for 20 minutes. Wash it away using cold water.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes hair: Banana hair masks are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Hence, they enrich our hair follicles with the necessary nutrients, thereby lending a natural shine to our hair.
  • Prevents dandruff and hairfall: Dandruffs are the major agents causing hair fall. Banana rich hair masks add moisture to the dry scalp, and hence, prevent hair fall.
  • Straightens your hair: In case, you have frizzy strands of hair, then mix a mashed banana with fuller’s earth and four tea-spoons of lemon juice. Apply the mask over your hair strands while gently massaging your scalp, so that the hair follicles nourish themselves with rich proteins, vitamins and minerals. Wash away the pack after 20 minutes, and see luxurious and straight locks rolling down your back.
  • Adds shine to your hair: Banana hair masks are packed with natural nourishment, and hence, result in shining cascading hair.

Are banana shake masks good for hair:

Of course, they are! Apart from serving as great appetizers,banana shakes also act as ‘sinful’, and yet, heavenly stimulants for hair growth. Well, you might be wondering whether such claims are really true! Well, banana shake masks repair the split ends and fragile strands. Also, they hydrate dry scalps, and improve hair elasticity. Consequently,our hair looks healthy, shiny and super gorgeous!

Ingredients to be used for banana shake hair masks:

  • Take a whole ripe banana and slice it into pieces. Put them into a blender.
  • Add four tea-spoons of honey to the banana slices.
  • Add two tea-spoons of coffee powder to the mass.
  • Also, add two spoons of cocoa powder to the mixture.
  • Now, add a few drops of olive oil to enrich the mass.
  • Add a quarter cup of fresh milk cream to the mixture. In case, there is no cream available inside your refrigerator, use half a cup of fresh milk or yogurt to the mixture.
  • If you wish to an ultra-rich protein hair mask, then add a full egg to the existing ingredients as well.

Massage your scalp with oil a few hours before applying the mask.

How to apply the banana shake mask on your hair::

  • Blend all the ingredients in your mixer grinder. A thick, creamy and frothy banana shake hair mask is ready for use!
  • Gently apply the luxurious pack to your hair in layers with the help of a brush. You could also use your fingers to do that. Ensure that your hair strands are completely coated with the creamy pack.
  • Let the thick and luxurious mask remain for half an hour till the hair follicles nourish themselves with rich proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Wash your hair with cold running water and shampoo it, while carefully removing the the dried up flakes of the pack. See that no banana pieces remain stuck to your hair strands.

Let your hair dry for some time, and wait for the amazing results! Thick, shiny, glowing and highly moisturized hair would add glamour to your already existing beautiful self!

Whether the hair mask is really effective:

Of course, it is! Cocoa and honey hydrate dull and weak strands, nourish the roots, and boost the metabolic process in the cells. Eggs provide the much needed proteins, vitamins and minerals, and act as good conditioners as well. Also, they strengthen the brittle hair strands by serving as natural moisturizers. Cream or milk added to eggs improves hair elasticity, thereby preventing hair fall. Coffee powder is rich in caffeine, which resets the cycle of hair growth. Also, it stimulates the hair follicles, and triggers thick hair growth. Olive oil prevents the growth of dandruff, and removes dryness from the scalp. Besides, it also improves blood circulation, and enables moisture retention in the hair.

Are banana shakes good face packs too:

Certainly, they are! In fact, banana shakes serve, not only as superb hair packs, but also as excellent face packs. They rejuvenate the cells, and lend absolutely stunning glow to the skin.


Go Vegan- Make Your Kids Eat Veggies & Fruits

Tired of pestering your kids to eat veggies? Well, that’s a woeful tale of almost every mom these days! Making kids eat vegetables is a real formidable task, which every parent faces on daily basis. Yet, it has become the top priority for all the parents, considering the health hazards posed by excess animal proteins and junk food.

It has been observed that kids are very fond of potatoes, and carrots because of their sugar content. In fact, many children happily fill themselves by munching potato fries, and refuse to eat anything else after that. Most of them also love savoring sumptuous broccoli, and parents feel relieved to see their kids sated with utter contentment. They should, however, realise that there are many other vegetables, and fruits missing from their kids’ menu chart.

There is many more items to be added to your kid’s menu:

In case, your kids have been thriving on fries, potato chips, carrots, or meat then you need to formulate meticulous plans to improvise their diets with leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

Veggies such as cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, and spinach are rich in vitamins, minerals and roughage. Lettuce is rich in water content and Vitamin C, and hence, should be essentially included in your children’s diet.

Likewise, spinach is rich in calcium and iron, and also serves as a rich source of dietary fiber.

Asparagus too is highly fibrous, and is packed with Vitamin A. Hence, mothers should serve these veggies to their little ones in rotation including cabbage, which is also loaded with Vitamin A.

Besides, it must be noted here zucchini is a hot favorite summer squash among the children, which is low in calories, and a good source of proteins as well.

On the other hand, kids love snacking on noodles mixed with green peas, which is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Besides, there are numerous fresh fruits to be added to kids’ menu.

How to make your kids eat veggies and fruits:

Making kids eat all kinds of vegetables, and fruits could prove to be a herculean task for the parents, especially if their little ones choose to be choosy or fussy. In such situations, mothers need to be somewhat creative while serving their children with greens so as to make them really gorge on whatever they eat!

The best way out is to trigger their interest, and passion for veggies through innovative methods. Allow your little ones to accompany you while you go out for buying vegetables. Let them make their own picks. They would surely eat whatever they have proudly picked up from the market.

Encourage your kids to have a small kitchen garden of their own, and help them in planting vegetables of their choices. Your kids would definitely love to eat whatever they grow in their little gardens.

Slice bananas into round pieces, and add them along with dry fruits to oats slightly boiled in milk. Children would, undoubtedly fall for such a yummy breakfast, and would ask for more. You could repeat the same trick with corn flakes soaked in warm milk.

Avoid overcooking the vegetables. Help your kids in preparing their tacos with a little cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and ground turkey. The little ones would love the entire experience apart from enjoying their meals.

Make them aware of the health benefits, which vegans enjoy. Serve them spaghetti, pasta, or noodles with helpings of shredded vegetables and minimum meat. Ask them to help you out while preparing their favorite dishes. Your kids are bound to have a great time while snacking!

Kids love desserts! All you need to do is to simply add slices of fruits to their favorite ice creams. Encourage them to consume fruit salads with all kinds of yummy desserts.

In the end, your kids would glow with complete happiness good health!



Daisy Extracts- The Secret of Everlasting Beauty

With the great hype about organic beauty products everywhere these days, I felt it’s high time we also mulled over certain skin lighteners and brighteners, which would be very much in demand among the next generation users.

Fast Facts:

Also known as gardener’s friend, daisies grow almost everywhere on earth except Antarctica. Apart from their mellowed beauty and softness, these exotic flowers are also deemed for their unique medicinal and skincare properties. Commonly known as weeds, daisies are abundant in Europe and North America.

During the ancient days, they were prepared into liquid poultice, and were used for the treatment of wounded soldiers due to their anti-bacterial properties. Besides, daisy flower extracts are also consumed with tea for curing gastrointestinal disorders. Of late, these wonderful creations of God have become suggestive of everlasting beauty due to their magical effects on skin.

How daisy extracts work wonders on skin:

  • Cleansers: Many cosmetic companies prefer to use daisy flower extracts as an important ingredient in their cleansing lotions. Also, doctors highly recommend these natural cleansers for removing traces of cosmetics at the end of the day. This is because they facilitate the removal of sweat, blackheads, chemicals, and grime from faces, and other exposed areas of bodies, thereby lending clean and fresh look. 
  • Natural Scrub: Rich in antitoxidants, daisy extracts serve as natural scrubs by enabling exfoliation, and promoting skin turnover. In fact, many people prefer to use them during the winter seasons, since these scrubs trigger the growth of soft, and healthy skin without any side-effects. Also, they have healing properties, and prevent all kinds of skin abrasions. 
  • Moisturizer: A number of leading cosmetic brands use daisy extracts for manufacturing creams, lotions, and moisturizers due to their natural attributes. They truly serve as beauty enhancers by keeping our skin soft and hydrated. 
  • Melanin Suppressants: Creams, lotions, face packs and astringents containing daisy extracts are in great demand among consumers. This is due to the fact that L Arbutin, an important ingredient in daisy plants inhibits the formation of melanin and dark spots. Hence, they serve skin lighteners and brighteners, especially during summers. 

Which age group can use daisy skincare products:

Beauty products having daisy extracts are in great demand among different age groups of women. Girls in teens, who spend most of their time in outdoor activities need sunscreen lotions for protecting their skin from UV rays. Besides, daisy flower skincare products are very popular among ladies in 20s, 30s, and 40 due to their antitoxidant and healing properties. Women in 50s too prefer find then worthwhile because of their amazing skin brightening and tightening attributes.

Are there any side effects:

Daisy flowers plucked from green meadows, and grasslands add natural freshness to our skin. In fact, daisy skincare products have proved their credibility in removing blemishes, and blackheads from sweat pores with long lasting results for all skin types. Hence, there are no side-effects.

Save Your Planet- Go for Green and Sustainable Living

Natural resources are scarce, and they are speedily getting depleted with every passing day. Our beautiful world, which was once blessed with nature’s bountiful gifts, today stands hopelessly gawking at its own ravaged self!

How human activities have devastated nature:

Over the years, with the advancing civilizations, man’s needs have proliferated in proportion to his avarice. The thick forest covers have receded so as to give way to gigantic cities, plush malls and multiplexes. Excess mining activities have resulted in the exhaustion of valuable minerals. Huge construction projects have mushroomed in the water catchment areas, and the existing rivers are shrinking fast. Even the rich marine world hasn’t been spared from human onslaughts. Ginormous piles of rubbish are dumped into the oceans everyday, thereby endangering the existence of marine species.

What are the consequences of human excesses:

The air, water, and soil have become polluted beyond redemption. Global warming, the rising sea levels, droughts, landslides, flash floods, and other man made disasters have become regular occurrences. With shrinking flora, fauna and water bodies, there is scarcity of food everywhere. New forms of diseases are spreading like wildfire, since air and water are laden with toxins.

What should be done to redeem our natural resources:

It’s high time people changed their thoughts, and expanded their awareness towards the new ways of lifestyles. The best way out is to adopt sustainable ways of living so as to foster abundance, happiness and peace. Men and women ought to adapt to eco-friendly habits, which would sustain the existing ecology in the long run. Just go green, and propagate sustainable ways of living among your people and society!

Tips for Green and Sustainable Living:

  • Car pooling: Many people use alternative methods of transportation these days. In fact, solar power driven cars do not emit any harmful gases, and hence, do not pollute the environment. Car pooling is another way to control air pollution, since the number of vehicles on the roads gets reduced. 
  • Eco-Packs: Plastic bags are non-biodegradable items, which are made of carcinogenic ingredients. Indiscriminate disposal of these bags pollutes the land and air. People ought to use eco-friendly bags for packing food items, or for disposing garbage. Avoid using plastic bottles and food containers, since they have toxic ingredients, and contaminate the food items. 
  • Segregation of Wastes: E-wastes are non-biodegradable, and hence, should be separately disposed. This is because electronic devices have high toxic contents, and would be deleterious to the environment, if they are burnt with organic wastes. E-wastes should be safely recycled under surveillance. 
  • Composting: Organic wastes such as vegetable peels should be composted at home, so that the manure could be used in the flower beds, and kitchen gardens at home. This would reduce the unnecessary hassles of waste disposal. 
  • Solar Panel Roofs: Solar panels on roofs enable people in reducing the consumption of electricity. Homes remain cool, and well insulated without the unnecessary use of air-conditioners. The power bills get subsequently reduced. 
  • Healthy food Habits: Soft drinks and processed food stuffs are laced with chemicals, and hence, are injurious for health. Also, they are mostly metallic, or plastic containers, which pollute the earth after disposal. A well-balanced diet comprising organic food stuffs is good for health and overall being. 
  • Eco-Friendly Washing of Utensils: Washing vessels in running tap water results in wastage. Keep a large tub of hot water mixed with soap for scrubbing the vessels clean on one side, and a bowl of plain water for rinsing purpose on the other. This would eventually reduce unnecessary wastage of water. 
  • Save Electricity: Sometimes the electronic devices remain turned on even when they are not in use. This leads to unnecessary consumption of electricity. Switch off the electric gadgets when they aren’t in use. 
  • Use Disposables: Use disposable and reusable items as much as possible. Also, buy used goods whenever possible. For instance, you could buy used furniture which are put up for resale, instead of buying entirely new ones. 
  • Eco-Friendly Toilets: Flushing toilets leads to excess water wastage. Use eco-friendly toilets which are clean and environment-friendly.

Enjoy the Luxury of Caviar Extracts

The marine world has been overwhelming our glamor space for years. Organisms like algae, seaweeds, chlorella, sea buckthorns, squid ink, and sea clay have gained prominence in cosmetics industry due to their unique natural benefits. As far as caviar extracts are concerned, they deserve special mention in beauty industry due to their surging popularity.

What are caviar extracts:

The word “caviar” itself bears semblance with something emollient, and yet, regal. What does it refer to after all? Well, we are familiar with delicious caviar made out of sturgeons and salmons. Caviar extract, however, refers to fish oil, or salted eggs obtained from innumerable varieties of fish having diverse nutrient profiles.

Given its high price, the very mention of the name splurges an aura of extravaganza, glamor and splendor. In fact, caviar extract has become a kind of rage among cosmetics manufacturing companies due to its oceanic grandeur.

Many researchers suggest that eating caviar bears better results than applying extracts in cosmetic form over the skin. Nonetheless, caviar extract has gained a strong foothold in beauty industry simply due to the numerous ingredients obtained from the eggs.

Why to use caviar skincare products:

Scientists have never ceased in their efforts in trying to ascertain this product’s efficacy in the world of skincare, and yet, it seems to make heady success by showing positive effects in skin improvement. In fact, more and more consumers have been showing penchant for anti-aging creams, and serums made of caviar in the recent years. What is so magical about caviar extracts?

  • Antitoxidant Properties: Researchers state that caviar-infused products are rich in antitoxidants, which make our skin resistant against the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • Omega-3: These fatty acids hydrate the dry strands of hair, thereby adding softness and luster. These days, many hair oils, shampoos, and conditioners have caviar as ingredients to replenish moisture in the scalp, and hence, facilitate the growth of luxuriously thick, smooth and silky hair.
  • Collagen: Caviar-infused creams are rich in collagen, and hence, keep the skin hydrated for a long time. These serve as blessing for women, since they act as anti-aging products by preventing the formation of unwanted wrinkles for years.
  • Amino Acids: Our skin, and hair need constant replenishment of proteins.  Caviar rich haircare, and skincare products help in rejuvenating our looks. This is because they are packed with amino acids, which are directly absorbed by our bodies through creams and gels, consequently making our hair, and skin look young and gorgeous. 
  • Glow to the Skin: Caviar skincare products accelerate the production of cholesterol in our bodies, since they are rich in fatty acids, omega-3 and amino acids. Hence, skin looks fresh, and radiant in natural way. 
  • Salts & Minerals: Sea breeze always makes us feel fresh. Marine climate has always done good to skin. Likewise, caviar extracts make us look fresh, and less tired because they are rich in salts and minerals. 

Are Caviar skincare products beneficial for all age groups:

Women between 40, and 65 marvel at the astonishing results after applying caviar-infused products, since most of them have experienced disappearance of dullness, pigmentation, free lines, dryness, and wrinkles with 12 weeks after continuous use. In fact, they don’t mind splurging on caviar-infused face packs, creams, lotions, gels and conditioners!

Are there any side-effects of caviar extracts:

Oceanic wonders have made huge inroads into our spas as well, because of their rich natural ingredients. Luxurious products made of caviar extracts are rich in amino acids, fatty acids, and antitoxidants, thereby adding glow to hair and skin. No side-effects have been reported so far.

How to afford it:

Caviar-infused products emanate a kind of elitist aura in the world of cosmetics due to their regal splendor. Needless to say that they are pretty expensive, and hence, their outreach is somewhat narrow. Here is, however, a simple trick for those who cannot afford these  luxurious products. Just apply a bit of edible caviar over your face. It would do wonders to your skin!





Miracles of Hoodia Gordonii

Over-weight issues have been plaguing the world with utmost alacrity. People mostly associate extra flabs with unhealthy habits. This is because many of them resort to eating junk food laced with high sugar content and fat. Researchers state that mundane life styles, coupled with stress factor results in anxiety and depression. Under such circumstances, a person tends to gorge on junk food stuffs all the time. Also, sedentary life style, and lack of exercises tend to make people obese.

Researchers have been working round the clock to combat over-weight issues. Many herbs and plants from Asia, and Africa are deemed for being effective in the process of weight loss. Since the ancient and medieval ages, people from these places have been known for having lean and muscular bodies.

The Asian and African countries are famous for their wonderful herbs, which check the growth of fat cells in our bodies. While more than half the world is being pilloried by obesity issues, scientists have turned their attention towards medicinal plants such as green coffee beans, garcinia cambogia, hoodia gordonii and so on. Also, a great deal of research work is in process to ascertain their effectiveness in aiding weight loss among the fat and obese.

Known as a succulent plant, hoodia gordonii is highly effective in cutting down fat in human bodies. When men lived in the caves, and went on hunting sprees in morbid and harsh condition, they consumed these to suppress their thirst and hunger. As a result, people could be out for days without actually feeling any cravings for food.

For years, scientists have been mulling over its credibility in the weight loss process. It was, however, only in the 1960s when formal research was started for testifying the medicinal attributes of hoodia gordonii. In the year 1977, P57, an important ingredient of this plant was discovered, and isolated for further retrospection. Also known as oxypregnane steroidal glycocide, P57 triggers the formation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in our bodies.

Once broken down, Adenosine Triphosphate is a nucleotide, which releases energy. This energy is used during metabolic process. When metabolism is at its peak, ATP sends a message to the brain conveying that the body has had enough intake of food. Hoodia gordonii helps in tricking human bodies into believing that no more nourishment is required, and hence, stalls the pangs of hunger.

Scientists conducted research over rats, and discovered that an increase in the level of Adenosine Triphosphate boosts the activity of hypothalamus, a part of the brain. Consequently, food consumption miraculously reduces.

A group of scientists administered hoodia gordonii supplements to seven obese people. They were told to follow their normal diet and activities. Nothing was altered. The observation lasted for 28 days. During that period, about five out of seven participants told the scientists that they had experienced considerable weight loss. Also, they stated that their craving for food had reduced. Though the appetite suppressants did not show their results in the initial stage, the effects became evident after sometime. The supplements did not have any stimulants. Hence, the participants did not complain of any side-effects. Most of the men had lost about 10 pounds, which is a laudable figure indeed!

Now, you must be wondering about the credibility of the above-mentioned cases. Well, hoodia gordonii curbs hunger pangs among individuals. When people undergo stress, they tend to excess snacking. Also, some individuals have the habit of eating food late at night. Hoodia gordonii acts as a panacea for such people. It keeps them filled for a long period of time, and suppresses their cravings for food.



Go Green- Install Eco-Friendly Solar Panel Roofs

If your house needs an entirely new roof in future, then start making a check-list of what you are really looking for this time. Ask any home owner, and the answer would be the same! In fact, everyone is fervently on the lookout for a durable, environmental-friendly, energy-efficient, and yet, affordable roofing at the same time. Does such a roof really exist?

Solar Panel Roofs-Things to do while installing solar panel roofs:

Well, solar panel roofs are all in one, and hence, have become a popular trend everywhere. One, however, needs to inspect the quality of the roof material over which the solar panels would be installed. There is no point in attaching high-tech solar panels on roofs, which won’t last long.

Never commit the error of installing solar panels on old roofs, or on the inferior quality ones. In case, you have an asphalt shingle roof older than 10 years, then make it a point to replace it with a brand new roof, before fixing solar panels to it. Choose a roofing material, which is nor prone to leakage for this purpose. Metal roofs are the best option to support the solar panels, since they are light, long lasting, and are leak-proof.

Be assured of a clean, and energy-friendly roof which would last for decades.

Benefits of Solar Panel Roofs:

  • Eco-Friendly Construction: These roofs are environment-friendly, since they are not made of scrap metals, which would, otherwise contaminate the surroundings. Besides, the roofing materials could be easily recycled after gradual depredation over the years. Hence, such roofs serve as profound blessings to the neighbourhood, and community as a whole.
  • Solar Ready: If you install a green roof with solar panels having photovoltaic (PV), then enjoy the benefits of renewable solar power. By generating fresh, and clean electricity, these would also considerably reduce your electricity bills. Besides, green roofs also reduce the heat effect, apart from containing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Green Roofs: Green roofs with solar panels can host beautiful gardens with colorful flowers, which would, in turn, become a little habitat for little animals and birds. Also, you have a terrace garden for your personal use. Have a seating arrangement on the garden roof where you, and your family could spend a few leisurely hours amidst a miniscule natural setting.
  • Rooftop Insulators: Energy-efficient solar panels create insulation within homes by converting heat energy into electricity. Cooling effect is great without any use of air-conditioners, and hence, the electric bills remain bare minimum.

Are Women Safe at Home

Are women completely safe anywhere on this earth? Obviously not! Crimes against women have been spiraling at an alarming rate over the years. What is worse is that violence against female gender seems to be agglomerating like an ugly cesspool, and hence, undergoing the worst kind of putrefaction. Be it a public place or work place, women are targeted everywhere. So, are they safe at home?

No, they aren’t! Women are not even safe at home! The most intriguing fact is that the members of the fairer sex are expected to observe certain protocols taking their own safety into consideration. Nevertheless, they are subject to all kinds of violence at home.

Key Facts:

The recent global survey states that nearly 35 percent of women suffer from physical, verbal, or sexual violence at home worldwide. The United Nations has categorized any kind of threat, coercion, or arbitrary deprivation of liberty as violation of women’s integrity. Everyday 1 out of 3 women suffers from some kind of domestic abuse. She could be, either a homemaker, or a working professional. Her social status does not matter at all.

According to WHO, about 38 percent of women are victimized by their husbands, or live-in male partners. Sometimes, even young girls are silent victims of physical, mental, or sexual abuses at the hands of their male relatives. Reasons associated with domestic abuse are low income level, illiteracy, stress, frustration, gender inequality, attitude issues, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Violence has negative impact on physical and mental health, reproductive and sexual health; consequently resulting in HIV cases and short life spans. Many times, domestic abuse also culminates to suicides and homicides.

Why do women suffer from domestic violence:

  • Orthodox Mindset: Today’s women have proved that they can perform equally well as their male counterparts. They pursue higher education at reputed varsities so as to get placed in the corporates. Many women, however, still suffer from physical, verbal, and mental abuses at the hands of their husbands, or their intimate partners. This is because these men disparage their female partners as physically and emotionally weak individuals. Respecting their women partners goes against their ego. This kind of idiotic mindset is highly prevalent in developing and under developing countries. 
  • Dowry Issues: In countries like India, dowry is the factor, which plummets violence against women after marriage, irrespective of their education and economic status. Whether they are working women or home makers, they are subject to all kinds of torture, unless their parents satiate the greedy appetite of their in-laws. In some cases, violence also ends up in homicide. 
  • Low Level of Education: If women are married off without being educated, they are treated like subservient members of their families, thereby doing all kinds of menial jobs. Under such circumstances, the family members never miss an opportunity to make them feel low by humiliating them in every possible way. Surprising, some family elders indoctrinate their male members to exhibit their prowess by abusing their wives. In certain backward places, people are generally illiterate, and do not understand the significance of sustaining their women folks’ dignity. 
  • Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: Social problems like frustration, stress, and lay-offs among men are on the rise, thereby coercing them to alcoholism and drugs. Researches show that most of these men are unemployed, who in turn, vent their frustration on women. Physical abuses, molestations, and rapes occur in cases where women do not acquiesce to men’s sexual demands. Also, frustrated men folks accuse their female partners of fornication without proofs, and hence, resort to violence. 

What should be done to stop domestic violence:

Nearly 300 women suffer from sexual abuse at home everyday, and many cases of wife battering, and wife bashing remain unrecorded. Do we really need stentorians to stage loud meetings, and protests every time a case is reported, or a victim dies? Certainly not!

We need to resolve this issue at the grass root level. To start with, education, which is the bottom line to the entire problem needs prime focus. Boys and girls alike should be educated about the importance of human dignity. Boys should be taught to respect their mothers, sisters, and other women of their acquaintance right from the beginning. This is the critical stage when children should imbibe norms, and values about gender equality.

UN Women, in coherence with the World Association of Girls Guides and Girls Scouts (WAGGGS) has designed a co-educational curriculum for young people, which enables them to understand the root cause of gender violence in their own communities, and prevent them thereof. This group also trains its members in ways to support the victims, and alleviate their miseries.

This should be cited as an example in countries where women are subject to gender discrimination. Young people in these nations should organize their peers in groups, participate in educational campaigns, and moot their cause at the national level.

Young volunteers should set up camps for boys, and men to change their perception towards women. They could do so by distributing educational pamphlets, and by transforming their attitudes towards gender stereotypes.





Is Africa the Right Choice for Business Expansion

The global economy is trending towards recuperation after a long hiatus of slack years. According to the IMF forecast, however, the GDP growth rate is 3.5 percent, which is lower than 4.5 percent, the average growth rate before recession. Even self-sustained countries like the U.K, and U.S seem to be struggling for stability during the post-crisis period.

What are the factors affecting global economy:

Several external factors conflate, and adversely affect business, and hence, it is imperative for the entrepreneurs to assess the situation with somewhat alacrity. The aim should be to prognosticate the possible risks, and avoid the pitfalls. Some common factors, which have corralling consequences upon business are political, economic, social and technological, also cumulatively known as PEST analysis. Of course, there are other factors like demographic, legal, and environmental forces too, which have long lasting effects upon the economy.

Why to do business in Africa:

Africa has become the cynosure among investors over the last few years, especially in a situation where most of the countries have been grappling with their rivals to imprint their footholds in the global market. Gifted with bountiful natural resources, Africa has always been a land of opportunities and promises. It managed to survive against the onslaughts of the two World Wars, and the Great Depression in the previous century.

The current scenario in Africa offers a bag full of promises to the potential investors. With swathes of rich wildlife spanning across the continent, and spotless beaches dotted along the coast line, there is a vast scope to expand the tourism industry. This would, in turn, boost the hospitality industry.

Many African countries are in need of the necessary infrastructure like proper airports, roads, railways, banks, super-markets, telecom,schools and hospitals. The giant concerns have a lot of scope in bagging developmental projects by collaborating with the governments of those countries.

The tropical climate, and rich soil across the Nile basin are ideal for the growth of crops apart from rice and cotton. Hence, there is ample scope for setting up food processing, food packaging, and textile industries in this area.

Besides, Africa is rich in crude oil and natural gas reserves. While oil could be cheaply availed from here for fuel purpose, it could be used for manufacturing petroleum products. The natural gas reserves could be positively used for generating power, which is the basic requirement of all the African nations.

Moreover, the democratic governments across the expansive continent have positive outlook towards entrepreneurship, investment and economic development, thereby attracting foreign investments. In fact, Africa witnessed a growth rate of 6 percent since 2001, and managed to sustain a steady growth rate of 2 percent since 2012, in spite of the global down sliding trends.

This is due to comparatively steady exchange rates, small debt burdens and steady inflation. Countries like Mauritius, Tunisia, Ghana, and South Africa currently outperform the bigwigs like Brazil, China and Russia. With culmination of  such promising factors, Africa appears to offer a kind of respite to the rest of the resuscitating world! Sounds cool, right?

Challenges in Africa:

Everything has a dark side, and Africa is not an exception. Despite offering a potpourri of promises, this place, once dubbed by The Economist as a “hopeless land” poses as a formidable challenge to those looking for investment opportunities:

  • Infrastructure Crisis: Many entrepreneurs in Africa feel hamstrung in their endeavors due to lopsided electricity and transportation facilities. For instance, Nigeria, which has population of approximately 150 million reels under severe power shortage. Countries like Swaizland, and Zambia have paucity of airports, rail penetration, energy and water resources. Such defalcations eventually dissuade business owners from investing money in these laid back regions. Moreover, Africa needs a behemoth investment of US$93bn in the power sector alone. Unless, a giant concern takes a lead in this matter, the rest of ventures seem to be a far cry in this “dark continent”!
  • Weak Demographic Front: The existing educational institutions, and hospitals are not able to accommodate the ever-increasing population due to unplanned urbanization. Consequently, a large number of shanty towns have mushroomed in the last few decades, where living conditions are absolutely pathetic. With downgraded municipalities unable to implement proper town planning, crime is on the rise. The future of business development in such places, undoubtedly remains bleak.
  • Socio-Political Waltz: The late “Arab Spring” testifies a great deal of autocratization, corruption, discontentment, inequalities, and apathy prevailing along the northern stretches of African continent. While there have been exemplar dictators in the other African counties as well, the repressive regimes in Libya, and Egypt have shown the world some of the worst examples of human rights violations. People in the neighboring countries like Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco have also rebelled against their ruthless Arab rulers. The recent years have witnessed executions, and gore in galore. Such unsavory climate is not at all feasible for investors to plan out something lucrative in Africa. 
  • Lawlessness: While the socio-political climate remains in doldrums, poverty has instilled apprehension among the locals. People cannot trust their governments anymore as far as integrity, and security are concerned. Consequently, terrorist groups like Boko Haram find a safe haven in Nigeria, and play havoc with people’s lives. The Al-Qaida finds enough protégé in countries ravaged by Civil Wars to wage Jihad against the infidels. On the other hand, The ISIS, the most outrageous terror outfit on earth is determined enough to establish its stranglehold on the war ravaged zones, and spread its tentacles further across the continent by means of indiscriminate brutalities and mass executions. Moreover, the rising instances of piracy off the Somalian coast have been causing grave threats to the shipping companies, and the international organizations overall. 
  • Health Hazards: Frequent outbreaks of droughts, AIDS, and malarial epidemics in the African countries have exposed their weak healthcare systems. Besides, Ebola, the most dreaded epidemic has spread across these regions like wild fire, and has taken a heavy toll of lives. The fatal virus, which was first discovered in Sudan, and Zaire soon spread to the neighboring countries as well. The governments in these nations have failed to be proactive in containing the outbreak so far. The little known disease resulted in a number of casualties, and deaths in the year 2015. Consequently, quite a number of foreign nationals working in these countries are keen to resign from their existing jobs, and return to their own countries. This has compelled some potential organizations in thinking twice before making investments in the African nations, where health safety has become a prime concern. 

Will Africa sustain itself in the business world:

Despite being torpedoed by certain hostile factors, Africa shows buoyancy in growth and development. With the erstwhile dictators put to rest, there seems to be very little possibility of future reprisals. Peace would steer the strife-torn countries towards stability. Besides, economic growth, and investments would eventually mitigate poverty, and crimes in the long run. Giant organizations could collaborate with the governments in these countries, in order to make huge investments in mammoth developmental projects.