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Does Covid 19 Augur Nature’s Return

As the ‘corona queen’ flapped her wings, and soared across the horizon from Wuhan, the world seemed to be completely oblivious of its evil intent! Surprisingly. Even WHO failed to anticipate the fact that such a perilous mishap did portend interminable deaths, insurmountable gloom and irreparable economic down slide across the world. Corona virus, also widely known as Covid 19 raged, and rampaged throughout the earth within a span of a few months, subsequently swallowing the panic- striken multitudes! 

The malevolent virus, undoubtedly pushed people into recluse, since it started claiming human lives in alarming proportions. The governments all over the world resorted to draconian lockdowns so as to save human lives. Stringent curfews forced people to stay indoors in a bid to arrest the spread of infection.

Nature woke up

The public places wore a kind of deserted look everywhere. With no foot falls anywhere, however, nature seemed to rejuvenate itself! The cerulean sky seemed to have woken up with a beaming smile, since the snarling traffic had completely gone off the roads, and the factories had stopped smoking. With passing days and weeks, the rivers, lakes and ponds became crystal clear. The factories and industries had shut down, and hence, toxic effluents were not released into the water bodies. Fish and other aquatic creatures could breathe fresh air again. The suffocating algae bloom had almost disappeared!

Elephants and deer were spotted sauntering across the roads in the hill cities like Nainital and Dehradun, while people were trapped indoors. Sea turtles started revisiting the lengthy and forlorn beaches of California, and dolphins became daring enough to frolic along the unmanned European beaches. Spotted deer were seen flanking the road dividers in Ooty, which had once been a tourist hotspot. One sunny morning a leopard was seen crouching beside a road divider along the deserted Ring Road in Hyderabad, which connects the mega city with the airport. This was something unprecedented, since there are no forest areas in the vicinity! Nobody could figure out where the big cat had come from!

Well, all such instances seemed to have augured a kind of wishful facelift of the earth which had long been ravaged by reckless human activities. People started saying that nature has started reclaiming its space. To them, the pandemic looked like a blessing in disguise!

Did Covid 19 really pave the way for nature’s comeback:

Increased Poaching: The lockdown period has witnessed indiscriminate killing of wild animals and birds across Africa, and Asia. Poachers have taken undue advantage of reduced patrolling inside the wild life reserves. Everywhere the forest departments had to operate with limited staff, and hence, poaching thrived!

Human and Wild Life Conflict: There have been instances of wild animals straying into the villages and cities as well. Leopards have entered the cities like Nainital, Nagpur Mumbai and Chandigarh in search of domestic animals. A CCTV footage in Nainital showed a leopard carrying away a dog from the premises of a single storey house. Also, there have been cases of leopards attacking lone pedestrians in the bright day light! Such mishaps would surely incite man and nature conflict. People would surely resort to trapping or killing of those trespassers who seem to be threats to their lives.

Unemployment: Retrenchment andjo losses in the cities forced the Indian migrant laborers from the big cities to retreat to their villages. With no money in hand and uncertainty looming large these people have been indulging in illicit exploitation of the natural resources. There is nobody to check these unemployed poor who resort to illegal felling of the forest trees and killing of endangered animals for food.

Increased Pollution: Almost all the countries have kick-started their economies. There have been increased industrial activities, since the producers intend to make up for their losses. This has resulted in excessive air and water pollution. The sky looks grey with smoke, and the water bodies have become clogged with industrial effluents.

Medical Wastes: With the rise in corona cases everywhere there has been a massive demand and supply of the testing and PPE kits. The disposable kits have been piling up everywhere. There is paucity of disposal arrangement for these non- biodegradable wastes. Piling of these used kits has been posing as a daunting challenge everywhere. Moreover, the incineration process of these items releases toxic gases into the air.

Save Your Planet- Go for Green and Sustainable Living

Natural resources are scarce, and they are speedily getting depleted with every passing day. Our beautiful world, which was once blessed with nature’s bountiful gifts, today stands hopelessly gawking at its own ravaged self!

How human activities have devastated nature:

Over the years, with the advancing civilizations, man’s needs have proliferated in proportion to his avarice. The thick forest covers have receded so as to give way to gigantic cities, plush malls and multiplexes. Excess mining activities have resulted in the exhaustion of valuable minerals. Huge construction projects have mushroomed in the water catchment areas, and the existing rivers are shrinking fast. Even the rich marine world hasn’t been spared from human onslaughts. Ginormous piles of rubbish are dumped into the oceans everyday, thereby endangering the existence of marine species.

What are the consequences of human excesses:

The air, water, and soil have become polluted beyond redemption. Global warming, the rising sea levels, droughts, landslides, flash floods, and other man made disasters have become regular occurrences. With shrinking flora, fauna and water bodies, there is scarcity of food everywhere. New forms of diseases are spreading like wildfire, since air and water are laden with toxins.

What should be done to redeem our natural resources:

It’s high time people changed their thoughts, and expanded their awareness towards the new ways of lifestyles. The best way out is to adopt sustainable ways of living so as to foster abundance, happiness and peace. Men and women ought to adapt to eco-friendly habits, which would sustain the existing ecology in the long run. Just go green, and propagate sustainable ways of living among your people and society!

Tips for Green and Sustainable Living:

  • Car pooling: Many people use alternative methods of transportation these days. In fact, solar power driven cars do not emit any harmful gases, and hence, do not pollute the environment. Car pooling is another way to control air pollution, since the number of vehicles on the roads gets reduced. 
  • Eco-Packs: Plastic bags are non-biodegradable items, which are made of carcinogenic ingredients. Indiscriminate disposal of these bags pollutes the land and air. People ought to use eco-friendly bags for packing food items, or for disposing garbage. Avoid using plastic bottles and food containers, since they have toxic ingredients, and contaminate the food items. 
  • Segregation of Wastes: E-wastes are non-biodegradable, and hence, should be separately disposed. This is because electronic devices have high toxic contents, and would be deleterious to the environment, if they are burnt with organic wastes. E-wastes should be safely recycled under surveillance. 
  • Composting: Organic wastes such as vegetable peels should be composted at home, so that the manure could be used in the flower beds, and kitchen gardens at home. This would reduce the unnecessary hassles of waste disposal. 
  • Solar Panel Roofs: Solar panels on roofs enable people in reducing the consumption of electricity. Homes remain cool, and well insulated without the unnecessary use of air-conditioners. The power bills get subsequently reduced. 
  • Healthy food Habits: Soft drinks and processed food stuffs are laced with chemicals, and hence, are injurious for health. Also, they are mostly metallic, or plastic containers, which pollute the earth after disposal. A well-balanced diet comprising organic food stuffs is good for health and overall being. 
  • Eco-Friendly Washing of Utensils: Washing vessels in running tap water results in wastage. Keep a large tub of hot water mixed with soap for scrubbing the vessels clean on one side, and a bowl of plain water for rinsing purpose on the other. This would eventually reduce unnecessary wastage of water. 
  • Save Electricity: Sometimes the electronic devices remain turned on even when they are not in use. This leads to unnecessary consumption of electricity. Switch off the electric gadgets when they aren’t in use. 
  • Use Disposables: Use disposable and reusable items as much as possible. Also, buy used goods whenever possible. For instance, you could buy used furniture which are put up for resale, instead of buying entirely new ones. 
  • Eco-Friendly Toilets: Flushing toilets leads to excess water wastage. Use eco-friendly toilets which are clean and environment-friendly.