Marijuana Smoking for Moms- Is is a Complete Bliss

Does your pregnancy make you feel nauseated? If you occasionally feel like throwing up in such situations, then there’s nothing really surprising about it! The very sight of chicken salad might make stomach turn, and eventually, you might be badly tempted to smoke the pot so as to ease your morning sickness. Does it really help after all?

Researchers in the American College of Obsetricians and Gynocologists (ACOG) state that more than 5 percent of women indulge in smoking marijuana during their pregnancies. More so, the number of would-be mom smokers is expected to witness an exponential rise in the coming years. Why is it so?

Well, most of the women believe that smoking cannabis ameliorates anxiety, and morning sickness during pregnancy. In fact, some of the expecting mothers have also claimed that weeds smoking boosts their appetite, and serves as a stress reliever. Also, many women have testified that marijuana satiates their cravings for brownies and cookies. Sounds cool, right?

Well, things aren’t the way they appear to be! Like any other drug, Cannabis Sativa, commonly known as marijuana has its side-effects, and after-effects despite providing temporary relief to the expectant women. Some women are prone to smoking pots, and cigarettes, which makes it difficult to ascertain the actual side effects of the former. Scientists have also stated that alcohol is more harmful for pregnant ladies than cannabis. This, however, does not mean that smoking marijuana is safe by all means. So ladies! Just think twice before smoking a pot! You would be inevitably harming your unborn baby!

How marijuana affects the health of mothers and their babies:

  • High level of toxins: Though many women claim that cannabis smoking acts as an anti-depressant, and stress reliever for them, it has its ill effects. The smoke has carcinogens, and toxins, which harm the lungs of the fetus. Of course, the mothers’s breathing system is also bound to get affected. In fact, doctors even advise the expecting mothers to stay away from bonfires, since any kind of smoke inevitably damages the lungs of the unborn.
  • Risks during birth: Many states have stigmatized marijuana smoking among pregnant women, since it heightens the risks of still births and premature births. This is because the smoke adversely affects the functioning of blood vessels in the fetus.
  • Other harmful effects in the long run: Studies have proved that cannabis smoking impedes brain development and memory skills. Also, babies are underweight during birth in such cases. These kids are prone to become drug addicts in their adulthood, and are also very likely to develop neuropsychiatric problems. They also tend to have short attention spans and behavioural issues, thereby show very poor progress reports at schools.
  • Harmful effects on breastfeeding: Doctors strictly advise the breastfeeding mothers to abstain from smoking pots, since the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a very harmful ingredient passes into the blood stream of the new born. Moreover, babies become passive smokers, especially when their mothers smoke in their presence. Carbon Monoxide released in this process proves to be detrimental to the health of both.

Is it safe to chew cannabis:

Many women think that chewing the weeds reduce the risks entailed in smoking pots. This is, however, a gross misconception. In reality, it turns out to be more deleterious than smoking. This is because chewing releases more amount of THC into the blood stream than smoking.

Chandra Rani Choudhury
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Chandra Rani Choudhury is an avid writer / editor with more than 5 years of invaluable experience in writing articles, blogs, reviews, press releases and digital marketing. For more details, contact

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Chandra Rani Choudhury

Chandra Rani Choudhury is an avid writer / editor with more than 5 years of invaluable experience in writing articles, blogs, reviews, press releases and digital marketing. For more details, contact

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