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Excellent Dating Tips for Women in 30s

Hey folks! Let’s start off directly, and drive the point home! In your ripe 20s, you must have flitted around, kissed a few morons, cavorted at parties, while trying to gain a strong foothold in your career. Well, those halcyon days for you are gone for good, and a new beacon beckons you towards your 30s. Most of your friends are married by now. In case, you too have a surging urge of getting married, and raising a family, then it’s high time you started taking things seriously. The biological clock is ticking away, and hence, you need to make up your mind about finding the right partner for yourself.

Some women tend to remain single even in 30s due to certain reasons. In certain cases, women come out of failed marriages, or past relationships. The others seriously focus on their careers in their 20s. These women wait till their work, and personal lives reach a smooth balance. If you are tweaking towards a serious relationship, then take a stock of the situation very closely before taking a decision.  In the end, your goal is to attain a long lasting relationship out of love and satisfaction.

Here are some excellent dating tips for women in 30s:

  • Leave your past behind: Your past has passed away. So, stop thinking about it anymore. You might have experienced a failed marriage some time back, but try and trash the god forsaken memories. It is a bit difficult to do so in the beginning, but essential all the same. You cannot start a new relationship afresh with your past clinging to your mind. Every new day ushers in a new ray of hope, and you too must start taking things with a positive heart. It is possible that things could really turn out well in your new relationship. 
  • Ask your man why he wants to date you: It is very important for you to find out why a guy wants to propose a woman in 30s. You certainly have some plans, and are serious about settling down. Find out whether your man is really serious about settling down with you. In case, he shows interest in a long term relationship, then make it a point in talking about your future plans. If you are not sure of his motives, then bring a couple of friends to meet him on a certain date. You need to ascertain his intentions. It’s also possible that you have kids from a previous marriage. Just know the guy well for the sake of your family’s safety. If you have the slightest inkling about the guy being promiscuous, then stop wasting time with him, and call it quits. It’s advisable to walk out of a relationship before getting hurt. 
  • Stop pitying yourself: Don’t let self-pity overwhelm your pride. There could be arguments, and disagreements during a couple of dates. Your guy might have exposed his sour side to you, but no human being is completely perfect! Stand on your ground with unflappable disposition, and don’t let a feeling of self-suffering cower you. If your man has genuine feelings towards you, then he would surely come around, and make up for his rudeness. If your man keeps doing, or saying things to hurt you, then don’t lose time. Dump him aside, and move ahead. 
  • Have fun: Have a great time with your man as long as you are out on a date with him. Keep aside your office, or personal problems at that time. Go for a movie, or dine out. Go out for a party with him, or do whatever you can so as to keep all kinds of troubling thoughts at bay. Have a great time as long as you are with your guy, and don’t let depressing ideas creep in, only to spoil everything for you. 
  • Communicate freely: Women in 30s are wise enough to discern their own minds. So, do not let any misgivings weigh down upon your heart. In case, you have any issue pestering your mind, then talk to your man. Speak frankly. Get a clear picture before moving ahead. 
  • Know your man’s mind: In your 30s, you cannot be fiddling about with guys. Your man could be a stud, but then then you need to find out true feelings as well. If he finds excuses for not receiving your calls, or pretends to be busy most of the time, then it’s time for you to pre-empt any further bid in this relationship. You aren’t the only woman in his life.
  • Trust your gut: Always trust your conscience. Your inner mind would never lie to you. Go ahead in a relationship only if you feel that a particular man is the right choice for you. Trust your mind, and not your heart. If you feel that the guy isn’t the right choice for you, then don’t waste your time with him anymore. Move ahead. The world is full of promises for all!


5 Dating Tips for Women in 20s

Being in 20s is one of the best phases in a woman’s life, since she is an adult ready to explore the world. Most of the women at this stage are confident, independent, and mature enough to take important decisions of their lives. This is the time when some women also start looking for suitable partners. So, if you are a young lady on dating spree, then make it a point to follow a few mantras:

  • Find the right place to meet your man: When you make it a point to meet your beau, choose an appropriate place for your first meeting. It could be a social event, bar or pub. The choice rests with you. If your guy, however, insists on meeting you at a bar, or a night club on the first date itself, then you need to watch out! Just think about the types of guys who are regular visitors to bars and pubs. Also, do not forget that he is still a stranger to you. You might be a party-goer, but keep your safety in mind before meeting a new guy. Make it clear to your male friend that you wish to meet him at a social event, Avoid meeting a complete stranger in a secluded spot. 
  • Look presentable: You need not be the snazziest female painting the town red to attract guys. All you need to do is to look good and pleasing. Men like to have women friends who look pretty, and natural at the same time. So ladies! Just stop thinking that you could impress guys by dabbing your faces with expensive cosmetics. Remember that garish looking women are bound to drive men away. Take bath, wash your wash your hair, and look clean before meeting your admirer. Make it a practice to do so whenever you meet your man. All men like clean looking ladies to be friends with. Also, choose your outfit very carefully before going out for a date. Put on comfortable clothes. Do not use too many accessories. Choose colors which complement your skin color. 
  • Know your mind: Women in 20s are mostly young professionals with independent minds. Being in this age slot, you ought to figure out your motive of dating. Think whether you want to date someone with the intention of marrying, and settling down. In that case, take your time in choosing the right partner. Do not hurry, and take decisions. Go out with your man multiple times before making up your mind. Engage him in conversations, which would inevitably lead to the vital topics leading to marriage. If you wish to raise a family, then tell him so. In case, you are averse to having kids, and wish to focus on your career, then make it clear to him. If you have disagreements over certain issues, then try solve them as soon as possible. Make him know your mind.
  • Date Around Quite Often: You could go on dates with more than one at different times before making your pick. Meet people as often as you can. Don’t nurture fixations about any particular man. Hasty decisions could lead to disastrous consequences. If you are not serious about getting married, and settling down with a particular guy, then do not make promises to him. Go for dates with the guy, but don’t do anything to raise expectations in his mind. 
  • Be firm: Be decisive about what you want out of a relationship. It is good to please your partner once in a while, but do not give in to his whims too often. Many women are scared of losing their boyfriends, and hence, do whatever they can, to win their love. On the contrary, men tend to lose interest in women with supple minds. So, you need to be assertive about your decisions. Don’t get into situations, which would make you uncomfortable. If you are not willing to go to bed with your partner on your first date, then flatly refuse such a proposal. If he makes threats of leaving you, then just tell him to get lost for good! 
  • Choose the right man: Women in 20s show penchant for rich, and handsome looking guys. Most of the hunks, however, are idle fiddlers, and dating women is just a kind of pass time for them. Rich guys love to flaunt themselves with lovely ladies hanging on to their arms. Such guys are, however, frivolous, and are not serious about any one particular woman. Bresides, most of them are insensitive to other people’s sentiments. So, avoid taking such men seriously. Do not give them a chance to hurt you. In case, you wish to marry, and settle down, then choose a guy with genuine feelings.

Dating Advice for Women

Are you planning to go out with your boyfriend on date for the first time? If that is the case, then there is nothing to feel nervous about! Dating could turn out to be a highly enticing experience if you handle certain things in a careful manner. It is quite natural for any woman to feel jittery about her impending first date. Everything could, however, turn out to be extremely fantabulous, if you merely retain your self-confidence.

Well, there are a few tips, which woman needs to follow. Unless, you take them in a serious manner, the chances of winning over amiable young men would be absolutely remote. It is not an impossible feat to win over a good partner after all! Just remain cool, and keep a few things in your mind.

Here are a few sound dating tips for you:

Be yourself: Most of the women, especially the ones in their late teens, or twenties make the blunder of trying to pose as someone different from what they really are! Some of them unknowingly turn off their beaus by talking too much on their first date. There are others who try hard to be witty so as to impress their male admirers. Come on! Men aren’t fools after all! If you think that you could loop in your man by using such silly tactics, then you are sadly mistaken! In fact, men like to meet women in their natural selves. So, just try and be yourself. In case, you love to maintain reserve in general, and talk less to people, then do not try to be overact with your new boyfriend. It is obvious that he would not like the false charade, and hence, would not like to see you again. Just remember that he would love to know your real self.

Be presentable: All men want their women to look presentable. They just hate shabby partners. So, make it a point to dress smartly whenever you go out dating with your male admirer. On the other hand, dress up in a comfortable manner. For instance, you might feel that tight outfits would reveal your curves, and make you look sexy. However, you must keep in mind that such a dress would, inevitably make you feel uncomfortable, especially during a long period of outing. Do not put on pencil heels if they make you walk in a wobbly manner. Dress according to your age and occasion.

Be on time to meet your date: Always keep in mind that men do not like to keep waiting for their partners on dates. You might get delayed by a few minutes, but do not keep your man waiting for hours. Also, it is possible that you get delayed once or twice due to unavoidable circumstances. Do not, however, make it a regular habit. Your boyfriend would take it as a strain of vanity in you. That would, obviously hurt his ego, and he would tend to give a second thought to his choice. So, always make it a point to show up on time and don’t let anything delay your meetings.

Avoid playboys: All men are not the same. There are numerous jerks looking out for some kind of fun and pass time. For them, women are merely objects, and not human beings. Remember that these pleasure seekers have a number of women on their cards, and you aren’t the only one! They could dump you any time without actually caring for your sentiments.

Show respect to your partner: All men have ego, and hence, you must not do or say anything to hurt their. Don’t make fun of him if he honestly confesses his love towards you. Men are vulnerable creatures, and almost all of them feel shaky while expressing their genuine feelings towards the women they love. Make your boyfriend realize that you really care for his sentiments. Never make him feel that you have taken him for granted. Give him undivided attention, and show your best etiquettes to him.