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Go Vegan- Make Your Kids Eat Veggies & Fruits

Tired of pestering your kids to eat veggies? Well, that’s a woeful tale of almost every mom these days! Making kids eat vegetables is a real formidable task, which every parent faces on daily basis. Yet, it has become the top priority for all the parents, considering the health hazards posed by excess animal proteins and junk food.

It has been observed that kids are very fond of potatoes, and carrots because of their sugar content. In fact, many children happily fill themselves by munching potato fries, and refuse to eat anything else after that. Most of them also love savoring sumptuous broccoli, and parents feel relieved to see their kids sated with utter contentment. They should, however, realise that there are many other vegetables, and fruits missing from their kids’ menu chart.

There is many more items to be added to your kid’s menu:

In case, your kids have been thriving on fries, potato chips, carrots, or meat then you need to formulate meticulous plans to improvise their diets with leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

Veggies such as cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, and spinach are rich in vitamins, minerals and roughage. Lettuce is rich in water content and Vitamin C, and hence, should be essentially included in your children’s diet.

Likewise, spinach is rich in calcium and iron, and also serves as a rich source of dietary fiber.

Asparagus too is highly fibrous, and is packed with Vitamin A. Hence, mothers should serve these veggies to their little ones in rotation including cabbage, which is also loaded with Vitamin A.

Besides, it must be noted here zucchini is a hot favorite summer squash among the children, which is low in calories, and a good source of proteins as well.

On the other hand, kids love snacking on noodles mixed with green peas, which is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Besides, there are numerous fresh fruits to be added to kids’ menu.

How to make your kids eat veggies and fruits:

Making kids eat all kinds of vegetables, and fruits could prove to be a herculean task for the parents, especially if their little ones choose to be choosy or fussy. In such situations, mothers need to be somewhat creative while serving their children with greens so as to make them really gorge on whatever they eat!

The best way out is to trigger their interest, and passion for veggies through innovative methods. Allow your little ones to accompany you while you go out for buying vegetables. Let them make their own picks. They would surely eat whatever they have proudly picked up from the market.

Encourage your kids to have a small kitchen garden of their own, and help them in planting vegetables of their choices. Your kids would definitely love to eat whatever they grow in their little gardens.

Slice bananas into round pieces, and add them along with dry fruits to oats slightly boiled in milk. Children would, undoubtedly fall for such a yummy breakfast, and would ask for more. You could repeat the same trick with corn flakes soaked in warm milk.

Avoid overcooking the vegetables. Help your kids in preparing their tacos with a little cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and ground turkey. The little ones would love the entire experience apart from enjoying their meals.

Make them aware of the health benefits, which vegans enjoy. Serve them spaghetti, pasta, or noodles with helpings of shredded vegetables and minimum meat. Ask them to help you out while preparing their favorite dishes. Your kids are bound to have a great time while snacking!

Kids love desserts! All you need to do is to simply add slices of fruits to their favorite ice creams. Encourage them to consume fruit salads with all kinds of yummy desserts.

In the end, your kids would glow with complete happiness good health!



Plan Eco-Friendly Birthday Party for Kids

Is your kid’s birthday round the corner? If that’s the case, then it’s high time you started planning for a grand birthday bash! Kids love parties, and never want to miss an opportunity to have fun. It’s very natural for them to expect the best when their own special days come. So, being a parent really propels you to make vertiginous trips to the supermarket, right?

Well, you needn’t panic after all! It is possible for you to host a colourful, exciting, and memorable party with a modicum of prior planning. In fact, an eco-friendly party is the best way to make your kid’s day, thereby culling all kinds of hazardous wastes, which are absolutely uncalled for! Moreover, this could be a great opportunity for you to teach your kid about the essentials, and significance of a greenhouse-friendly party. Kids are never very exacting by nature, and you could mould them with a little ingenuity so as to enjoy a real good birthday bash without superfluous confettis and festoons.

Go green, and teach your kid to enjoy his or her birthday party by adopting these eco-friendly steps:

  • Send e-vites or electronic invitations: Avoid sending the paper version of invitations to your guests. You could engage your children in designing invites on leaf plates, and they would simply love this kind of craft work. In fact, they could distribute such invitation to their friends at school. Besides, you could send invitations to your guests via emails, which reach the invitees faster than the paper-made snail mails.
  • Choose the right venue: You could organize a grand party for kids at the nearest park. This would save you the expense of booking an expensive hotel, or restaurant for the purpose. Besides, a party at home entails a lot of cleaning-up work later. Moreover, it’s convenient for the kids to walk down to a neighborhood park, and they would really have fun-time running around.
  • Use washable cutlery: Make it a point to lay out the yummy spread in washable dishes and cutlery. Avoid using paper plastic cups to serve water, or juices to the children. Serve the snack to the little ones on recyclable paper plates.
  • Choose environmental-friendly decorations: The traditional party balloons attract a great deal of derisive remarks from the environmentalists. Though latex balloons are biodegradable, they pose as threats to animals, and those little kids who might choke themselves by accidentally swallowing them. The best way out is to stage a garden party where flowers, and creepers would serve as natural festoons.
  • Serve homemade cake and desserts: It involves somewhat time, but is worth the effort. Bake your own organic cake instead of placing an order at a confectionary. Engage your kids in the kitchen to help you out. The children would imbibe a sense of pride in baking their own birthday cake. Homemade puddings, brownies and ice creams would certainly add laurels to your birthday bash! Just avoid getting any flavored junk from outside!
  • Say bye to flavoured chocolates and aerated drinks: Serve your kids’ little guests with fresh fruit juices, instead of canned ones or soft drinks. A round of freshly squeezed lemonade would do wonders, and the children would simply love it! Also, serve homemade cookies to your little guests instead of passing around flavored chocolates, mints and toffees. Even the synthetic scented wrappers are non-biodegradable, and could choke the kids who accidentally swallow them.
  • Stuff the party bags with eco-friendly contents: When the kids head homewards, they go happily trouncing all the way carrying their little party bags. Now, what have you stuffed them with? If they carry lollies, and short-lived plastic toys, then the entire theme of environmental party would go down the drain! Tweak their teeny-weeny bags a bit, and fill them with pencils and wooden toys instead!