A Website Review For bbc.co.uk

Being the trailblazer among the global news providers, bbc.co.uk has proclaimed to draw a bee line of approximately 14 million users every month. According to some reports, it has overshadowed its competitors, owing to its ever-increasing user base. Let us have a brief review of bbc.co.uk and its performance:

Structure: The iconic site appears to be a cornucopia of international news articles, colourful snap shots, and podcasts on day to day basis.  The flashy headlines enable the readers to go through the global happenings at a glance.

Content: Besides, the articles are engaging, informative, and coherently structured under various sub-heads. As a matter of fact, some of them are even compelling ones, consequently demanding our attention till the end. The podcasts serve as the prime attention-grabbers with live, and sensational news clippings.

Site Navigation: Despite its acclaimed popularity, bbc.co.uk seems to be down-sliding in terms of popularity. This is primarily due to the increasing number of unnecessary commercial websites linked to the news site. Consequently, there has been a decline in the click-through rates, which would, eventually jeopardise its popularity in future. Also, it faces a tough competition from Google, which has lately witnessed a boom in traffic.

User Experience: According to the latest survey, users feel that the commercially vibrant links are not effective enough in promoting the site’s popularity. They rather betray the purpose catering to public service by creating unnecessary diversions.