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Give a Banana Shake Treat to Your Hair

Is your hair brittle, dry and deprived of moisture? If that is the case, then we have a real surprise in store for you! So, stop hunting for expensive chemical hair masks in the stores! All you need to do is to have a look inside your kitchen. As the wise have stated, our kitchens are stocked with natural beauty products.

Why should we use bananas for making natural hair packs:

Bananas are packed with all kinds of nutrients, consequently adding to our good health, glow and fitness. No wonder, our mothers and grandmothers have always advised us about using bananas as hair packs and face masks. Bananas are packed with potassium, calcium, natural oils, vitamins A, B, C and E.  Also, they are rich in tryptophan, which is a rich amino acid. Hence, bananas serve as excellent home- made remedies for damaged hair, and one need not depend on chemical-based packs.

Benefits of banana hair masks:

  • Boosts hair growth: Banana packs augment healthy hair growth, You could mix yogurt with a mashed banana and apply over your hair, while gently massaging your scalp with the smooth pack. In this way, the hair roots absorb the essential nutrients. Let the mask remain for 20 minutes. Wash it away using cold water.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes hair: Banana hair masks are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Hence, they enrich our hair follicles with the necessary nutrients, thereby lending a natural shine to our hair.
  • Prevents dandruff and hairfall: Dandruffs are the major agents causing hair fall. Banana rich hair masks add moisture to the dry scalp, and hence, prevent hair fall.
  • Straightens your hair: In case, you have frizzy strands of hair, then mix a mashed banana with fuller’s earth and four tea-spoons of lemon juice. Apply the mask over your hair strands while gently massaging your scalp, so that the hair follicles nourish themselves with rich proteins, vitamins and minerals. Wash away the pack after 20 minutes, and see luxurious and straight locks rolling down your back.
  • Adds shine to your hair: Banana hair masks are packed with natural nourishment, and hence, result in shining cascading hair.

Are banana shake masks good for hair:

Of course, they are! Apart from serving as great appetizers,banana shakes also act as ‘sinful’, and yet, heavenly stimulants for hair growth. Well, you might be wondering whether such claims are really true! Well, banana shake masks repair the split ends and fragile strands. Also, they hydrate dry scalps, and improve hair elasticity. Consequently,our hair looks healthy, shiny and super gorgeous!

Ingredients to be used for banana shake hair masks:

  • Take a whole ripe banana and slice it into pieces. Put them into a blender.
  • Add four tea-spoons of honey to the banana slices.
  • Add two tea-spoons of coffee powder to the mass.
  • Also, add two spoons of cocoa powder to the mixture.
  • Now, add a few drops of olive oil to enrich the mass.
  • Add a quarter cup of fresh milk cream to the mixture. In case, there is no cream available inside your refrigerator, use half a cup of fresh milk or yogurt to the mixture.
  • If you wish to an ultra-rich protein hair mask, then add a full egg to the existing ingredients as well.

Massage your scalp with oil a few hours before applying the mask.

How to apply the banana shake mask on your hair::

  • Blend all the ingredients in your mixer grinder. A thick, creamy and frothy banana shake hair mask is ready for use!
  • Gently apply the luxurious pack to your hair in layers with the help of a brush. You could also use your fingers to do that. Ensure that your hair strands are completely coated with the creamy pack.
  • Let the thick and luxurious mask remain for half an hour till the hair follicles nourish themselves with rich proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Wash your hair with cold running water and shampoo it, while carefully removing the the dried up flakes of the pack. See that no banana pieces remain stuck to your hair strands.

Let your hair dry for some time, and wait for the amazing results! Thick, shiny, glowing and highly moisturized hair would add glamour to your already existing beautiful self!

Whether the hair mask is really effective:

Of course, it is! Cocoa and honey hydrate dull and weak strands, nourish the roots, and boost the metabolic process in the cells. Eggs provide the much needed proteins, vitamins and minerals, and act as good conditioners as well. Also, they strengthen the brittle hair strands by serving as natural moisturizers. Cream or milk added to eggs improves hair elasticity, thereby preventing hair fall. Coffee powder is rich in caffeine, which resets the cycle of hair growth. Also, it stimulates the hair follicles, and triggers thick hair growth. Olive oil prevents the growth of dandruff, and removes dryness from the scalp. Besides, it also improves blood circulation, and enables moisture retention in the hair.

Are banana shakes good face packs too:

Certainly, they are! In fact, banana shakes serve, not only as superb hair packs, but also as excellent face packs. They rejuvenate the cells, and lend absolutely stunning glow to the skin.


Daisy Extracts- The Secret of Everlasting Beauty

With the great hype about organic beauty products everywhere these days, I felt it’s high time we also mulled over certain skin lighteners and brighteners, which would be very much in demand among the next generation users.

Fast Facts:

Also known as gardener’s friend, daisies grow almost everywhere on earth except Antarctica. Apart from their mellowed beauty and softness, these exotic flowers are also deemed for their unique medicinal and skincare properties. Commonly known as weeds, daisies are abundant in Europe and North America.

During the ancient days, they were prepared into liquid poultice, and were used for the treatment of wounded soldiers due to their anti-bacterial properties. Besides, daisy flower extracts are also consumed with tea for curing gastrointestinal disorders. Of late, these wonderful creations of God have become suggestive of everlasting beauty due to their magical effects on skin.

How daisy extracts work wonders on skin:

  • Cleansers: Many cosmetic companies prefer to use daisy flower extracts as an important ingredient in their cleansing lotions. Also, doctors highly recommend these natural cleansers for removing traces of cosmetics at the end of the day. This is because they facilitate the removal of sweat, blackheads, chemicals, and grime from faces, and other exposed areas of bodies, thereby lending clean and fresh look. 
  • Natural Scrub: Rich in antitoxidants, daisy extracts serve as natural scrubs by enabling exfoliation, and promoting skin turnover. In fact, many people prefer to use them during the winter seasons, since these scrubs trigger the growth of soft, and healthy skin without any side-effects. Also, they have healing properties, and prevent all kinds of skin abrasions. 
  • Moisturizer: A number of leading cosmetic brands use daisy extracts for manufacturing creams, lotions, and moisturizers due to their natural attributes. They truly serve as beauty enhancers by keeping our skin soft and hydrated. 
  • Melanin Suppressants: Creams, lotions, face packs and astringents containing daisy extracts are in great demand among consumers. This is due to the fact that L Arbutin, an important ingredient in daisy plants inhibits the formation of melanin and dark spots. Hence, they serve skin lighteners and brighteners, especially during summers. 

Which age group can use daisy skincare products:

Beauty products having daisy extracts are in great demand among different age groups of women. Girls in teens, who spend most of their time in outdoor activities need sunscreen lotions for protecting their skin from UV rays. Besides, daisy flower skincare products are very popular among ladies in 20s, 30s, and 40 due to their antitoxidant and healing properties. Women in 50s too prefer find then worthwhile because of their amazing skin brightening and tightening attributes.

Are there any side effects:

Daisy flowers plucked from green meadows, and grasslands add natural freshness to our skin. In fact, daisy skincare products have proved their credibility in removing blemishes, and blackheads from sweat pores with long lasting results for all skin types. Hence, there are no side-effects.

Go Green- Use Organic Beauty Products

Go green, and save the environmentGoing green has become the heady motto of one and all! People have become aware of keeping their environment free from toxic pollutants. Lately, the market has shown proclivity towards everything organic- Be it food items or beauty products. People have started trashing all kinds of synthetic food items, and have started showing preference for organic food. Sounds great, right?

Just like you need organic food to stay healthy, your skin too requires organic beauty products to remain naturally fresh and glowing. The latest market survey has revealed that many leading brands are laden with high levels of toxic ingredients. For instance, lotions contain high percentage of petroleum wax. Besides, paraben, the cancer causing harmful chemical is present in all the creams, and moisturizers. So, just be cautious next time while purchasing your cosmetics! What might temporarily add to your glamor might actually turn out to be something life-threatening in the long run!

What are organic beauty products:

Organic brands are manufactured, and processed under strict codes of cleanliness and hygiene. Any use of genetically modified organisms, fertilizers, or pesticides is completely banned. Usually, there are logos confirming the purity of these products. The USDA certifies these items as organic only after careful inspection.

Benefits of using organic beauty products;

  • Good for Skin: Since organic beauty products are manufactured under strict codes, and regulations formulated by USDA, they are free from scary chemicals, which might, otherwise cause irritation, itching, or burning sensation to your skin. In fact, organic creams, moisturizers, and lotions have high water content. Hence, your skin remains naturally hydrated, and looks radiant under all conditions.
  • Earth-friendly: Synthetic cosmetics are infested with chemicals, which are detrimental for the environment. When people wash their faces, or take bath, the chemically saturated products get washed off, consequently contaminating water and soil. Organic products, however, are manufactured in chemical-free environment under strict surveillance. Moreover, they are packed in recyclable containers.
  • Good For Health: Your skin undergoes abrasions, and scratches on daily basis. While it is necessary to apply lotions, creams, and moisturizers to sustain supple skin, synthetically produced cosmetics cause severe health hazards in the long run. Harmful chemicals pass through the skin pores, mix with the blood stream, and damage the organs. Organic beauty care products, however, are free from carcinogenic ingredients, and hence, are compatible for skin care.

Absence of synthetic fragrances: Many popular brands use synthetic fragrances, since manufacturers exploit these additives for their marketing strategies. The companies strive to boost their products in the market, and hence, do not find themselves liable to the imponderable damages caused by them. Organic products, however, completely rule out the use of artificial fragrances. So, feel very safe while your skin exuberates natural polish and radiance.