How to Improve Your House and Sell it Fast

The real estate market has been trending a steady decline for quite some time. Needless to say, that a large number of houses are ready for sale, in striking contrast to the shrinking number of buyers. In a down sliding market where supply overwhelms demand, sellers face real formidable competition. If you are in dire straits, and wish to speedily dispose your property, then the best way out for you is to lower the price. You could, however, end up in a poor deal by indulging in a hasty transaction.

So, you need to play your cards with somewhat ingenuity, in order to generate interest among buyers, and get the best price for your home. Do a bit of renovation, and advertise your property across the different social platforms.

Here are a few tips to improve, and sell your house fast:

  • Make your home look unique in the neighbourhood: Your house ought to look strikingly different among the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood. You might have an impressive interior, but a plain, or shoddy looking exterior might repel the buyers. So, roll up your sleeves, and get set to do some spade work. Repair the cracks on the walls, and paint the exterior with fresh paint. Also, do a bit of landscaping by planting fresh flowers, and shrubs along the pathway. Keep mowing the lawn frequently, since buyers could turn up any day. Trim the wilderness surrounding your house. If you have a swimming pool at the backyard, then add a deck in the adjoining area. In case, you have made some custom changes, then do not forget to mention them in the home’s listing information. 
  • Get rid of the clutter: Remove the unnecessary furniture so as to make the room look spacious. Buyers need ample room to move around, and imagine themselves in that space. If possible, bring in some new furniture on rent so as to add regal look to the rooms. Do not keep any used vessels in the kitchen sink. Get into the habit of putting them inside the dishwasher. Your kitchen sink should not be littered with pots, and pans when the brokers come with buyers to see the house. Don’t stuff your basement, or garage with junk. Remember that buyers inspect every nook and corner of a house before taking a decision. An overstuffed house would inevitably drive away the potential buyers to another property. 
  • Insulate your house: If your house keeps getting unusually hot, or cold, then you need to take steps to ensure proper insulation. Repair the cracks on the walls. If the existing door has become loose enough to let the air flow in, then replace it with a new one. 
  • Renovate your house: Try and impress your visitors by renovating the interiors. If the walls look discoloured, and dull, then paint the walls afresh. Use pleasing colors which complement your furniture. Change the old bed spreads with new ones, so that your bedrooms look inviting to the buyers. Polish the wooden furniture, and keep the floor carpet clean with a vacuum cleaner so as to give immaculate look to the rooms. In case, your kitchen floor, kitchen cabinets, and countertops look worn out, then add vinyl finish to the existing ones. Replace the old handles on the kitchen cabinets with the shinning ones. Fix the leaking faucets, and taps wherever necessary. Use bright fixtures to enliven the rooms. Make the buyers feel that your house is in good condition, and they could move it at once. 
  • Keep the bathrooms clean: Remember that buyers would definitely have a look inside the bathrooms. So keep them fresh and clean. Any kind of musty odor is bound to repel the visitors. If the bath tub looks chipped off at some places, then fix a prefabricated one. Replace the discolored basin, and toilet seat if necessary. 
  • Make your rooms look bright: Pull the shades aside, and let the sunlight brighten the room when the brokers come in with buyers. Well-lighted rooms are sure to charm your visitors. Remember that nobody prefers to live in dark, and damp houses. 
  • Quote the right price: Go through the local newspapers, and find out the rates of similar properties in your area. You could get flummoxed with continuous calls from the buyers even if the market is down. People would pester you with multiple bids, but do not get confused. Sell your house at the right market price. 
  • Promote your property sale via Facebook: Use the social media platforms such as Facebook to attract buyers. Tell your friends to share your post on their timelines. This is a good way to boost your post through multiple news feeds. Potential buyers who are on the lookout for properties on sale are bound to have a look at your post. 
  • Put your house on sale via YouTube: Shoot some eye-catching videos of your house, and upload them on YouTube. Project all the rooms, and the exterior in a compelling way. This is an excellent way to reach out the buyers online. Also, put your house on sale via the leading local newspapers.


Improve Your Home in Economic and Valuable Ways

The real estate market still appears to be in slump, and hence, many people have decided to stall their plans of buying another home. The existing property, however, tends to undergo depreciation in certain ways, thereby demanding continuous maintenance work. On the contrary, it is not advisable to indulge in expensive home renovation projects in a down market. This is because the property price would go up, consequently repelling the potential buyers.

Considering the fact that this is not at all the right time to invest in a new property, you too need to make your existing house more comfortable than before by making improvements in economic, and yet, valuable ways.

Here are a few cheap home improvement tips for you to go by:

  • Trash the junk: It’s easy to say things rather than getting them done! People tend to keep buying items of use over the years. Certain household items become old and obsolete. Also, there are others which stop functioning altogether. Many people tend to keep stacking them in their basements, or in spare rooms. Now, just imagine a situation when you are expecting guests at home. You probably don’t want them to see your house littered with junk. Besides, cleaning up just before they come would inevitably take a heavy toll of your time and energy. You get completely drained out by the time they come. In order to avoid such a situation, keep decluttering your house whenever you find time so as to make it look spick and span. 
  • Remodel your kitchen: Your kitchen ought to look fancier than the rest of the rooms, but do not go overboard by shelling out mega bucks from your pocket. In case, your kitchen is badly outdated, replace the old refrigerator with the latest model. Fix a new dishwasher, and range with stainless-steel finish. Get a DIY-kit to redo the kitchen floor and countertop. Fix the leaking taps and faucets. Install bright, and energy-efficient fixtures. 
  • Freshen up your bathroom: Use vinyl sheets, or easy-to-apply vinyl tiles over the existing discolored floor. Install new pedestal sink, and toilet seat so as to give a new look to the bathroom. Replace the chipped tiles of your bath tub. Installing a new prefabricated tub, however, costs cheaper than replacing the worn out tiles of an old tub. 
  • Reinvent rooms: Convert an unused space into a room. You could give a facelift to an attic, and use it as a guest room. If your basement is lying vacant, get a DIY-kit, and transform it into a play room for your kids. Paint the room with bright colors, stuff it with toys, so that the kids have a real good time out there. You could also add a room over the garage, and rent it out to a tenant. 
  • Ensure energy-effective insulation: If there is dampness somewhere on the wall, or ceiling, then seal the cracks and leaks. This would prevent the formation of sooty patches on the wall. Replace the old doors with new ones so as to prevent hot, and cold air sneaking in through the gaps. 
  • Allow fresh air and sunlight: Do make it a point to pull the shades aside, and open the windows on warm and sunny days. Let plenty of fresh air breeze into the rooms, and act as natural room fresheners. 
  • Spruce up the exterior: Fix the cracks on the brick walls. Trim the overgrown shrubs, and plant fresh seasonal blossoms along the driveway. Do make it a point to mow your lawn during the weekends. Paint the façade if necessary, in order to add a final gloss and shine.