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Save Your Planet- Go for Green and Sustainable Living

Natural resources are scarce, and they are speedily getting depleted with every passing day. Our beautiful world, which was once blessed with nature’s bountiful gifts, today stands hopelessly gawking at its own ravaged self!

How human activities have devastated nature:

Over the years, with the advancing civilizations, man’s needs have proliferated in proportion to his avarice. The thick forest covers have receded so as to give way to gigantic cities, plush malls and multiplexes. Excess mining activities have resulted in the exhaustion of valuable minerals. Huge construction projects have mushroomed in the water catchment areas, and the existing rivers are shrinking fast. Even the rich marine world hasn’t been spared from human onslaughts. Ginormous piles of rubbish are dumped into the oceans everyday, thereby endangering the existence of marine species.

What are the consequences of human excesses:

The air, water, and soil have become polluted beyond redemption. Global warming, the rising sea levels, droughts, landslides, flash floods, and other man made disasters have become regular occurrences. With shrinking flora, fauna and water bodies, there is scarcity of food everywhere. New forms of diseases are spreading like wildfire, since air and water are laden with toxins.

What should be done to redeem our natural resources:

It’s high time people changed their thoughts, and expanded their awareness towards the new ways of lifestyles. The best way out is to adopt sustainable ways of living so as to foster abundance, happiness and peace. Men and women ought to adapt to eco-friendly habits, which would sustain the existing ecology in the long run. Just go green, and propagate sustainable ways of living among your people and society!

Tips for Green and Sustainable Living:

  • Car pooling: Many people use alternative methods of transportation these days. In fact, solar power driven cars do not emit any harmful gases, and hence, do not pollute the environment. Car pooling is another way to control air pollution, since the number of vehicles on the roads gets reduced. 
  • Eco-Packs: Plastic bags are non-biodegradable items, which are made of carcinogenic ingredients. Indiscriminate disposal of these bags pollutes the land and air. People ought to use eco-friendly bags for packing food items, or for disposing garbage. Avoid using plastic bottles and food containers, since they have toxic ingredients, and contaminate the food items. 
  • Segregation of Wastes: E-wastes are non-biodegradable, and hence, should be separately disposed. This is because electronic devices have high toxic contents, and would be deleterious to the environment, if they are burnt with organic wastes. E-wastes should be safely recycled under surveillance. 
  • Composting: Organic wastes such as vegetable peels should be composted at home, so that the manure could be used in the flower beds, and kitchen gardens at home. This would reduce the unnecessary hassles of waste disposal. 
  • Solar Panel Roofs: Solar panels on roofs enable people in reducing the consumption of electricity. Homes remain cool, and well insulated without the unnecessary use of air-conditioners. The power bills get subsequently reduced. 
  • Healthy food Habits: Soft drinks and processed food stuffs are laced with chemicals, and hence, are injurious for health. Also, they are mostly metallic, or plastic containers, which pollute the earth after disposal. A well-balanced diet comprising organic food stuffs is good for health and overall being. 
  • Eco-Friendly Washing of Utensils: Washing vessels in running tap water results in wastage. Keep a large tub of hot water mixed with soap for scrubbing the vessels clean on one side, and a bowl of plain water for rinsing purpose on the other. This would eventually reduce unnecessary wastage of water. 
  • Save Electricity: Sometimes the electronic devices remain turned on even when they are not in use. This leads to unnecessary consumption of electricity. Switch off the electric gadgets when they aren’t in use. 
  • Use Disposables: Use disposable and reusable items as much as possible. Also, buy used goods whenever possible. For instance, you could buy used furniture which are put up for resale, instead of buying entirely new ones. 
  • Eco-Friendly Toilets: Flushing toilets leads to excess water wastage. Use eco-friendly toilets which are clean and environment-friendly.

Go Green- Install Eco-Friendly Solar Panel Roofs

If your house needs an entirely new roof in future, then start making a check-list of what you are really looking for this time. Ask any home owner, and the answer would be the same! In fact, everyone is fervently on the lookout for a durable, environmental-friendly, energy-efficient, and yet, affordable roofing at the same time. Does such a roof really exist?

Solar Panel Roofs-Things to do while installing solar panel roofs:

Well, solar panel roofs are all in one, and hence, have become a popular trend everywhere. One, however, needs to inspect the quality of the roof material over which the solar panels would be installed. There is no point in attaching high-tech solar panels on roofs, which won’t last long.

Never commit the error of installing solar panels on old roofs, or on the inferior quality ones. In case, you have an asphalt shingle roof older than 10 years, then make it a point to replace it with a brand new roof, before fixing solar panels to it. Choose a roofing material, which is nor prone to leakage for this purpose. Metal roofs are the best option to support the solar panels, since they are light, long lasting, and are leak-proof.

Be assured of a clean, and energy-friendly roof which would last for decades.

Benefits of Solar Panel Roofs:

  • Eco-Friendly Construction: These roofs are environment-friendly, since they are not made of scrap metals, which would, otherwise contaminate the surroundings. Besides, the roofing materials could be easily recycled after gradual depredation over the years. Hence, such roofs serve as profound blessings to the neighbourhood, and community as a whole.
  • Solar Ready: If you install a green roof with solar panels having photovoltaic (PV), then enjoy the benefits of renewable solar power. By generating fresh, and clean electricity, these would also considerably reduce your electricity bills. Besides, green roofs also reduce the heat effect, apart from containing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Green Roofs: Green roofs with solar panels can host beautiful gardens with colorful flowers, which would, in turn, become a little habitat for little animals and birds. Also, you have a terrace garden for your personal use. Have a seating arrangement on the garden roof where you, and your family could spend a few leisurely hours amidst a miniscule natural setting.
  • Rooftop Insulators: Energy-efficient solar panels create insulation within homes by converting heat energy into electricity. Cooling effect is great without any use of air-conditioners, and hence, the electric bills remain bare minimum.