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5 Dating Tips for Women in 20s

Being in 20s is one of the best phases in a woman’s life, since she is an adult ready to explore the world. Most of the women at this stage are confident, independent, and mature enough to take important decisions of their lives. This is the time when some women also start looking for suitable partners. So, if you are a young lady on dating spree, then make it a point to follow a few mantras:

  • Find the right place to meet your man: When you make it a point to meet your beau, choose an appropriate place for your first meeting. It could be a social event, bar or pub. The choice rests with you. If your guy, however, insists on meeting you at a bar, or a night club on the first date itself, then you need to watch out! Just think about the types of guys who are regular visitors to bars and pubs. Also, do not forget that he is still a stranger to you. You might be a party-goer, but keep your safety in mind before meeting a new guy. Make it clear to your male friend that you wish to meet him at a social event, Avoid meeting a complete stranger in a secluded spot. 
  • Look presentable: You need not be the snazziest female painting the town red to attract guys. All you need to do is to look good and pleasing. Men like to have women friends who look pretty, and natural at the same time. So ladies! Just stop thinking that you could impress guys by dabbing your faces with expensive cosmetics. Remember that garish looking women are bound to drive men away. Take bath, wash your wash your hair, and look clean before meeting your admirer. Make it a practice to do so whenever you meet your man. All men like clean looking ladies to be friends with. Also, choose your outfit very carefully before going out for a date. Put on comfortable clothes. Do not use too many accessories. Choose colors which complement your skin color. 
  • Know your mind: Women in 20s are mostly young professionals with independent minds. Being in this age slot, you ought to figure out your motive of dating. Think whether you want to date someone with the intention of marrying, and settling down. In that case, take your time in choosing the right partner. Do not hurry, and take decisions. Go out with your man multiple times before making up your mind. Engage him in conversations, which would inevitably lead to the vital topics leading to marriage. If you wish to raise a family, then tell him so. In case, you are averse to having kids, and wish to focus on your career, then make it clear to him. If you have disagreements over certain issues, then try solve them as soon as possible. Make him know your mind.
  • Date Around Quite Often: You could go on dates with more than one at different times before making your pick. Meet people as often as you can. Don’t nurture fixations about any particular man. Hasty decisions could lead to disastrous consequences. If you are not serious about getting married, and settling down with a particular guy, then do not make promises to him. Go for dates with the guy, but don’t do anything to raise expectations in his mind. 
  • Be firm: Be decisive about what you want out of a relationship. It is good to please your partner once in a while, but do not give in to his whims too often. Many women are scared of losing their boyfriends, and hence, do whatever they can, to win their love. On the contrary, men tend to lose interest in women with supple minds. So, you need to be assertive about your decisions. Don’t get into situations, which would make you uncomfortable. If you are not willing to go to bed with your partner on your first date, then flatly refuse such a proposal. If he makes threats of leaving you, then just tell him to get lost for good! 
  • Choose the right man: Women in 20s show penchant for rich, and handsome looking guys. Most of the hunks, however, are idle fiddlers, and dating women is just a kind of pass time for them. Rich guys love to flaunt themselves with lovely ladies hanging on to their arms. Such guys are, however, frivolous, and are not serious about any one particular woman. Bresides, most of them are insensitive to other people’s sentiments. So, avoid taking such men seriously. Do not give them a chance to hurt you. In case, you wish to marry, and settle down, then choose a guy with genuine feelings.