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Dating Advice for Women in 40s

Hey ladies! Let’s face it! Gone are your 20s when you flirted around with studs, or 30s when you went preening about the multiple number of dashing young men who were floored by your charms. Women in 40s face a different scenario altogether. It is difficult to meet a plethora of men at this stage of life.

The wise, however, have stated that wine becomes tastier with time. Likewise, women in 40s are more mature, intelligent, and poised as compared to their younger counterparts. These attributes add to their charms, which inevitably attract men. In many cases males show preference for women in 40s. Ask them to reason out, and the general response is- Ladies in 40s are more beautiful, and sexier than the younger women, and sure of what they really want. Mature women exuberate wisdom and confidence.

So, here you go! Most of your friends are married, and settled at this stage of life. You cannot be entertaining notions of flirting and frolicking anymore. Dating in 40s is entirely a different ball game. So, think before taking a decision.

Here are a few tips for women in 40s to make their experiences worthwhile:

  • Know what you want: Be sure of what you want out of a relationship. If you had been focusing on your career all this while, and wish to get married now, then choose your partner after a careful thinking. There are some women who want a kind of change after a break up or divorce. In such cases, they do not want to settle down with another man in haste. Eventually, they are content with light-hearted flirting so as to forget their unpleasant experiences. So, decide what you want out of a new relationship. 
  • Be sensible: Be wise while choosing your soul mate. The days of high school crushes are gone for god! You can’t be falling for every hunk who crosses your path. Remember that there are schemers in the guise of men who are on the prowl to ensnare single women. They could be dating you just for out of greed for the dollar bills stashed away in your bank account. While the rest would be secretly eyeing your property. So, don’t get conned by honeyed words, and sweet promises.  Choose a man who shows genuine interest towards you, and your family. If you have kids out of previous relationship, and wish to get married again, then choose a man who is capable of being a real good dad. 
  • Choose want over need: Be explicit about what you want out of a relationship, but don’t showcase yourself as a needy woman. Men tend to misconstrue need as a sign of weakness in women.  Hence, be confident about yourself, and don’t let men trample over your emotions.  Men in general tend to think that women in 40s are desperate for attention and love. Avoid portraying yourself as a pitiable female without options. The world is a harsh place after all! 
  • Be a realist: Stop fantasising, and bearing romantic notions. Be pragmatic rather than being sentimental. Even Shaw’s Raina overcame her disillusionment, and chose Captain Bluntschli instead of Sergius, ridiculed as a “romantic fool”. Choose a man who could be your mental support, instead of someone who isn’t sure of himself. 
  • Take your time: Don’t jump at conclusions. Be subtle, and yet suave while choosing your man. Observe your guy when he calls you out for a date. If you are on the lookout for a serious relationship, then make it a point to test his true feelings. Take your decision only after being sure of his intentions. This is imperative, especially in cases where women are date online. Never trust a stranger by his words. Make it a point to meet him quite a number of times instead of falling for a new guy via net. 
  • Know him well: Try your level best to read your man’s mind. See whether he is truly committed towards you. Avoid getting duped and hurt. In case, your man shows signs of being non-committal, then make up your mind to leave him for good. Make a move to go ahead with your life till you find a true partner.