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Beaches are divine creations on earth where syncretic beauty of the Sun, sea, and land seems to be at its best! Talking about beaches, people mostly mull over Hawaii, Rio, and Australia as some of the prospective destinations, notwithstanding the fact that India has a fantabulous coastline stretching across 7,517 Km. Flanked by The Indian Ocean, The Bay of Bengal and The Arabian Sea, India has some of the exceedingly gorgeous beaches flaunting its coastline.

Hordes of tourists book package tours to India to luxuriate in the cool undulating hills of South India, and the exotic beaches so as to make their visits worthwhile. While the hills serve as ideal escapes for solitary nature lovers, most of the tourists prefer sunbathing on the beaches.

Here are some of the offbeat beaches in India for you to visit:

  • Kovalam: Speaking of the beaches in Kerala, Kovalam deserves special mention due to its visual splendor. The beaches are dotted with coconut trees, and visitors come here to watch the fabulous sunrises and sunsets. Parasailing, swimming, diving, and surfing are some of the activities, which tourists love indulging in. Also, there are Ayurveda resorts where visitors suffering from ailments seek treatment. Numerous cuisines serve lip-smacking sea food to all. Also, there are hotels overlooking the sea, which offer comfortable stay to the tourists. The lighthouse offers fantastic view of the shore line. Monsoon is the best time to visit this place, especially for those who expect immense enefits from ayurvedic treatments. 
  • Calangute: Located in Goa, Calangute is easily approachable from Panaji. Known as the Queen of Beaches, tourists jostle here for accommodation throughout the year. The giant waves hitting the coast offer plethora of adventures to the visitors. Besides, there are banks, post office, cyber cafes, resorts, restaurants and medical facilities. There are big showrooms displaying exquisite handicrafts from Kashmir, Rajasthan, Tibet, and Indonesia.

 Malpe: Close to Udupi, Malpe is a scenic beach in Karnataka. There are clusters of hotels, and eateries from where tourists could watch the white sandy beach and huge waves. Families enjoy strolls along the spotless beach, especially in the evenings. Also, there is a lot of scope for water sports. It is, however, dangerous to venture deep into the sea due to strong currents. 

  • Baga: For those who love privacy, Baga beach in Goa serves as an ideal retreat. This place is popular among the foreigners who love indulging in adventures and water sports. This place is not much frequented by tourist buses, and hence, has maintained its impeccable charm.
  • Varkala: This is a temple town very close to Thiruvanthapuram in Kerala. The place is famous for its natural spring known for having medicinal properties. Besides, tourists take the opportunity of plunging into the sacred water of the beach, which is believed to capable of purging human souls of vices. Various massage centers, and health resorts have mushroomed here to cater to the visitors.

 Anjuna: This place is very close to Baga and Calagute beaches. Visitors get an excellent view of the azure sea waves from a hill top close to the place. The unusual rocky terrain finally ends as a black rock jutting into the sea. The swaying palm trees, and soft sea breeze form an ideal haven for those who wish to stroll along the silver beach in the moon light.

  • Juhu: Located in Mumbai, Juhu is has become a commercial hub due to the ever increasing number of eateries, restaurants and vociferous hawkers. The place is mostly crowded with local, and international tourists in the evenings. Some of the famous Bollywood movies shot here offer us vicarious experiences of the noisy beach. Also, visitors can see a number of aircrafts roaring overhead while crossing the Indian coastline. 
  • Chowpatty: This is a famous beach in Mumbai, and attracts a huge crowd owing to the branded stores, and eateries which are frequented by a lot of tourists. People come here for jogging, and for viewing the mesmerizing sunsets. 
  • Auroville Beach: This beautiful beach with shallow water lies in Pondicherry. Tourists simply love swimming, and basking in the sun here. Colored shells lie scattered everywhere. Children are seen collecting these beautiful shells, and making castles out of sand.

 Chunnambar: This is truly a tropical paradise in close proximity to Pondicherry. The boat house which overlooks a backwater stretch serves as the iconic point for the visitors to start their sojourns towards the deserted beach. Tourists are ferried across the placid water stretch sequinned by coconut trees along both the sides, till they land upon the beach invaded by the roaring waves. This unmanned, and yet, impeccable beach would simply leave you awestruck with wonder!




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Chandra Rani Choudhury

Chandra Rani Choudhury is an avid writer / editor with more than 5 years of invaluable experience in writing articles, blogs, reviews, press releases and digital marketing. For more details, contact

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